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Instructions for downloading DVD

The videos that have the icon in the list of "Videos available", can be downloaded directly from the internet, saving costs and waiting time.

This new service does not replace the usual manner of sending, which still enabled.

To purchase a video download you should do "click" on "discharge" and added to the shopping cart. Then follow the usual process of purchase.

Next to each link will show the corresponding prices.

It´s essential to provide an e-mail address to receive the necessary links to download the files.

After completed the request, and which has been check in our distribution department, you will receive an e-mail containing links to the videos requested download format. These links will be available for one week from the time we send the e-mail. During this time you can download the files requested and then canceled the link. Each requested video correspond a file .zip with all the necessary files.

Being very large files, the order of 1 to 2 GB, it is normal take some time to download completely, depending on the transfer speed of your connection.


What if we want to do more than one copy?

The price indicated in the list corresponds to the first copy. If you want to make more copies for commercial use, Beta Films Foundation appreciates be sent a donation of at least one euro for each additional copy. It can be done through the flange "Make Donation" which is located on the top line (right) of the page.


Steps After downloading the file to your computer

1. Decompressed by double-clicking it.

2. A window opens with three files:

- DVD image (.iso)

- the picture of the sleeve (.jpg)

- and the photograph of the sticker for the DVD (.jpg)

3. They are copied to a folder that we have on the hard disk.

4. The image .iso is an exact image of the original DVD and can play from your computer with some video players. If yours does not read, you can download free one that does (e.g.VLC:

5. You can also record the image .iso to a blank DVD. All DVD recorders programs often have the option to "save image", "engrave iso image" or similar.

6. Normally if you drag the file .iso on the program icon will open the DVD recorder and ask if you want to save it.

7. Once recorded you can watch it on any home DVD player.

8. Both the sleeve and the sticker can open with any program and print images of your choice.

9. In case of any doubt or complication we will always be available at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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