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2002: Exhibition "St. Josemaria Escrivá"


To the left is a reproduction of a design used for small invitation cards, prints, or large reproductions that advertise the exhibition or parallel events.

The exhibition was held on the occasion of the canonization of St. Josemaria, and the centenary of his birth. The exhibition is kept up to date.

The content is displayed in six sections:  Introduction, life, message, legacy, the exit area, and the video "A few minutes with St. Josemaria" (16 min.).

Thirteen posters with a height of 220cm and various widths are used, together with eight videos lasting two minutes and one video lasting sixteen minutes. In another shortened version there are twenty posters, each with a height of 120cm.

2006: Exhibition "All the generations will call me blessed"


"All the generations will call me blessed" is the title of the audiovisual exhibition about the devotion to the Virgin Mary at the Shrine in Torreciudad. A large, six meter long panel at the start of the exhibition takes us into the life of the Virgin Mary and the displays of devotion that have been offered to her throughout history.

Eight themed areas summarize the story of Torreciudad and its surroundings, the building of the new shrine in 1975 and traditions that remain today. Sounds and images on large panels of photographs with explanatory texts are included, in a minimum space of 200 m2. The exhibition includes 6 audio-visual presentations and a large model of the area which houses a virtual tour. A 1:1 scale replica of the original carving of the Virgin Mary allows the beauty of this Romanesque image to be captured.



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